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Finally The 3rd Birthday gets a pretty good review. IGN gives The 3rd Birthday an overall score of 8.5 (whats classed under "Great"), these people have also played the Parasite Eve games making this one of the best reviews so far.

Heres the full scores:

9.0 Presentation

Fuss-free, mostly logical menus and solid map systems. The HUD is a little messy at times, but there's a lot to this game - and SE did a good job of keeping things in order.

9.0 Graphics

Gorgeous and thoughtfully designed throughout. This is certainly one of the best looking PSP games on the market.. Excellent cinematics too.

7.5 Sound

The soundtrack is well composed - but a little ho-hum. The voice acting is at the mercy of the script, which wavers between decent and awful.

8.5 Gameplay

As shooters go on PSP, The 3rd Birthday goes farther and performs better than most. Epic, intense and mostly very enjoyable. Good pace, clever bosses and plenty of unlockables.

8.0 Lasting Appeal

A good dozen or so hours of gameplay, plus cheats, secrets, unlocks and alternate routes. Rock solid handheld gaming.

Jensen Ackles voice work for Kyle is heavily praised along with the graphics and gameplay. IGN have also released a few english screenshots but I'm not going to show them due to one or two being pretty spoilerish.

So finally The 3rd Birthday gets the apresiation it deserves you can read the full review here: