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Statistics (Easy)
160,000 2000 1000
Statistics (Normal)
200,000 2000 1000
Statistics (Hard)
360,000 3060 2000
Statistics (Deadly)
630,000 3480 3000
Statistics (Insane)
1,458,000 4230 4000
Resistant to Recoil C
Resistant to Stagger B
Episode(s) 4
Descent Kill No

Worms, also known as Fiery Fiends, are Twisted that appear in The 3rd Birthday. They appear to have some draconian features to them (except the wings).

Aya grenading a Worm.

The way to defeat them is to shoot at its mouth which is also its sniper sweet spot. After dealing enough damage the Worm will "shed off" its skin. Once the Worm starts going reddish-white all over its body, fire away but don't shoot at its mouth anymore. One of their attacks consists of their mouth's "widening" and they will start launching powerful firebomb attacks as well as the "Cyclone of Death" move. To defeat them from this point use a launcher to deal massive damage then Overdive Kill.

Blue Runt stats

  • Easy: 14400 HP, 1200 EXP, 400 BP
  • Normal: 18000 HP, 1200 EXP, 400 BP
  • Hard: 32400 HP, 1910 EXP, 800 BP
  • Deadly: 56700 HP, 2230 EXP, 1200 BP
  • Insane: 131220 HP, 2840 EXP, 1600 BP

Brown Runt stats

  • Easy: 16800 HP, 900 EXP, 360 BP
  • Normal: 21000 HP, 900 EXP, 360 BP
  • Hard: 37800 HP, 1470 EXP, 720 BP
  • Deadly: 66150 HP, 1730 EXP, 1080 BP
  • Insane: 153090 HP, 2260 EXP, 1440 BP

Report entry

"Fiery Field"

Small Worms are also known as Runts, while large Worms are known as Spawn. Runts move slowly before molting, but their armor-like exoskeleton makes them impervious to attacks. Fire at their mouths to kick-start the molting process. They move that much more quickly afterward, so stay on top of them; don't give them any room to fight back before wiping them out.

Note that their weak spot becomes their strong spot after molting. Attacking the mouth will restore damage, not increase it.

Sniper rifle sweet spot:

Inside of the mouth before molting (with its shell closed).

Worms are born of the projectiles fired by Spawn (large Worms.) Their main attack consists of shooting fireballs and molten lava from their mouth.

When attacking in swarms, the Spawn give orders to the Worms as they raise one great cry en masse and start in on their concentrated attack.

Large Worms - Spawn - are too large to move. Still, they have the highest endurance of any Twisted by far, and can spit forth rocky shelled projectiles that spawn Worms on impact. Destroy them before they hit the ground, or an endlessly roiling mass of Worms will be the last thing you ever see.


  • The music "Worm" also plays throughout most of Chapter 4 in which it plays when the Worms are fought.


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